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Polk County Democrats represent the political party of inclusion because like America itself, Iowa is a diverse state of people, nationalities, and faith. Our elected leaders come from various backgrounds and professions, each of them motivated by a strong sense of community and desire to get things done on behalf of the people of Iowa.


Below are the Polk County Democrat leaders currently serving the people of Iowa to make our state a better place to live:

Sean Bagniewski


Michelle Elliott

Vice Chair

David Ball


Bill Schoenenberger


Email Bill

Amanda Lovan

Affirmative Action

Judy Downs

Executive Director



Dave Miglin and Jean Kaul-Brown, Co-Chairs
Purpose: Develop newsletters, blogs, website, and other communications.


Lindsay Paulson and Peter Crane, Co-Chairs
Purpose: Organize and implement social and fundraising events.


Kelly Sargent

Purpose: Organize, develop and maintain strong participation on the Central Committee.

Email: polkdemsmembership@gmail.com

Voter Data

Tom Leffler, Chair

Purpose: Collect, verify, clean and manage our voter information database.

Contact Information

Email: polkdems@gmail.com

Phone: 515-314-5762

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 5102

Des Moines, IA 50305

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