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About the Polk Dems

The mission of the Iowa Polk County Democrats is to help elect candidates for local, state and federal government positions that believe in common sense, American values and the protection of those values for all of our citizens.

We believe that respect for these values, in actions not just words, will make Iowa a better place to live and our country more united. Among these values, Polk County Democrats support are:

  • Respect for the U.S. Constitution and its amendments

  • Equality in the eyes of the law

  • Protecting the civil liberties for all of our citizens

  • Protecting our environment and natural resources

  • Creating jobs and raising incomes for all Iowa families, not just the wealthy

  • Protecting the rights of American workers

  • Quality, affordable education to ensure Iowa’s children and displaced workers can compete for the jobs of tomorrow


To learn more about the Polk County Democrats, please email us at

“Our future cannot depend on the government alone. The ultimate solutions lie in the attitudes and the actions of the American people.” 


President Joe Biden

There are some incredibly hardworking members of the Polk Dems leadership team, many of whom are volunteering countless hours of their personal time toward our mission. Click to learn more.

The elected officials of the Democrat Party in Polk County are true public servants. They work tirelessly for everyday Iowans to ensure they get a fair shot at the American dream and equal justice under the law. Click here to get to know them better.

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