Elected Leaders

Polk County Democrats represent the political party of inclusion because like America itself, Iowa is a diverse state of people, nationalities, and faith. Our elected leaders come from various backgrounds and professions, each of them motivated by a strong sense of community and desire to get things done on behalf of the people of Iowa.


Below are the Polk County Democrat leaders currently serving the people of Iowa to make our state a better place to live:


U.S. House of Representatives - Iowa 3rd District

Cindy Axne

Phone: 202-225-5476

Email: joseph.diver@mail.house.gov


Iowa State Attorney General

Tom Miller

Phone: 515-281-5164

Email: consumer@iowa.gov

Iowa State Treasurer

Michael Fitzgerald

Phone: 515-281-5164

Email: consumer@iowa.gov

Iowa State Auditor

Rob Sand

Phone: 515-281-5834

Email: info@auditor.state.ia.us

State Senate

Iowa Senate District 18 

Janet Petersen

Phone: 515-868-5665

Iowa Senate District 17

Tony Bisignano

Phone: 515-868-5665

Iowa Senate District 16

Nate Boulton

Phone: 515-288-4148

Iowa Senate District 21

Claire Celsi

Phone: 515-274-0561

Iowa Senate District 22

Sarah Trone Garriott

Phone: 515-661-9679

State House

State Rep District 35 

Ako Abdul-Samad

Phone: 515-281-3221

State Rep District 36 

Marti Anderson

Phone: 515-281-3221

State Rep District 40 

John Forbes

Phone: 515-281-3221

State Rep District 32

Ruth Ann Gaines

Phone: 515-281-3221

State Rep District 34

Bruce Hunter

Phone: 515-281-3221

State Rep District 43

Jennifer Konfrst

Phone: 515-281-3221

State Rep District 33

Brian Meyer

Phone: 515-281-3221

State Rep District 42

Kristin Sunde

Phone: 515-281-3221

State Rep District 41

Jo Oldson

Phone: 515-281-3221

State Rep District 31

Rick Olson

Phone: 515-281-3221

Polk County


Angela Connolly

Phone: 515-286-3120


Tom Hockensmith

Phone: 515-286-3120


Matt McCoy

Phone: 515-286-3120


Jamie Fitzgerald

Phone: 515-286-3080


John Sarcone

Phone: 515-286-3737


Julie Haggerty

Phone: 515-286-3160


Kevin Schneider

Phone: 515-286-3333


Mary Wells

Phone: 515-286-3030